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Courses of Studies (2022S)

Courses (including empty):

Without semester recommendation (74)

017.B80 Accelerator & Innovation Projects (PR)
017.A88 Advanced Industrial Engineering (VU)
017.A17 Applied Project Management (VU)
017.A51 Automated and connected driving (VU)
017.A34 Automotive Development Process and Digital Engineering (VU)
017.A32 Automotive Production Systems & Networks (VU)
017.A37 Basics in Logistics (VU)
017.A57 Business Models and platforms (VU)
017.A18 Business Planning (VU)
017.A63 Business Process Analysis and Digitalization (VU)
017.A14 Business Risk Management (VU)
017.A07 Business Simulation (VU)
017.A53 Charging infrastructure (VU)
017.A92 Civil and contract law (VU)
017.A91 Company visits in the Stuttgart Region (EX)
017.A73 Corporate Entrepreneurship & Venturing (VU)
017.A93 Corporate law (VU)
017.A95 Current Topics in Management I (VU)
017.A96 Current Topics in Management II (VU)
017.A04 Data Science (VU)
017.A61 Digital Business Models (VU)
017.A60 Digital Technologies (VU)
017.A55 Digitization of freight mobility (VU)
017.A56 Digitization of passenger mobility (VU)
017.A12 Dynamic Capital Budgeting (VU)
017.A03 Economics (VU)
017.A20 Entrepreneurial Leadership and Technology Development (VU)
017.A11 Finance & Funding (VU)
017.A72 Financial Performance Management & Budgeting (VU)
017.A01 Fundamentals of Accounting & Controlling (VU)
017.A02 Fundamentals of Finance (VU)
017.A87 IDEa Field Study (VU)
017.A62 Individual and Team Development (VU)
017.A99 Individual Specialization (VU)
017.A42 Industry 4.0, Digitalization, Automation, Technology (VU)
017.A43 Information Management, IT, PPC (VU)
017.A24 Innovation Growth & Funding (VU)
017.A25 Innovation Marketing (VU)
017.A21 Innovation Strategy and Business Development (VU)
017.A30 Introduction in Automotive and Excursion (VU)
017.A10 Leadership, Organization, & Change (VU)
017.A09 Leadership, Teams, & Communication (VU)
017.A40 Lean Management, CIP, Kaizen & Tools (VU)
017.A84 Learning Journey (EX)
017.A94 Legal Aspects of innovative and digital business cases (VU)
017.A89 Logistics – Strategies, Processes, Warehousing (VU)
017.A71 Managing Capabilities (VU)
017.A06 Marketing & Competition Strategy (VU)
017.A13 Market Risk Management (VU)
017.A00 Master Thesis (PV)
017.A44 Mobility, Energy and Environmental Aspects (VU)
017.A31 Operation Management (VU)
017.A08 Organizational Behavior & Leadership Basic (VU)
017.A64 Organizational Path Development (VU)
017.A22 Organizing Innovation (VU)
017.A35 Process Management and Optimizations (VU)
017.A45 Procurement, Supplier & Contract Management (VU)
017.B04 Project Management (VU)
017.B82 Project Management (PR)
017.A36 Quality Management, Auditing and Certification (VU)
017.A41 Smart Maintenance, TPM, Data Analytics & AI (VU)
017.A23 Sources of Innovation (VU)
017.A70 Strategic Analysis, Planning & Implementing (VU)
017.A65 Strategic Change (VU)
017.A74 Strategic Technology Management & Acquisitions (VU)
017.A90 Supply Chain Management Delivery, Transportation (VU)
017.A85 Sustainability & Ethics (VU)
017.B05 Sustainability (VU)
017.A54 Sustainable multimodal freight logistics (VU)
017.A52 Sustainable transport network and integrated traffic management (VU)
017.A19 Systems Dynamics (VU)
017.A86 Technology Assessment, Management, & Ethics (VU)
017.A05 Technology Management (VU)
017.A50 Zero emission mobility (VU)