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Geodesy and Geoinformation (2023S)

Courses (including empty):

1. Semester (10)

128.054 Applied Geodesy I (VO)
128.055 Applied Geodesy I (UE)
126.080 Elements of Cartography (VO)
127.025 Elements of Cartography (UE)
185.A07 Fundamentals of Computer Science for Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (VO)
104.616 Geometry I for Geodesy and Geoinformation (VU)
120.116 Introduction to Programming I for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Environmental Engineering (VU)
101.757 Mathematik I für Geodäten (VO)
101.768 Mathematik I für Geodäten (UE)
127.024 Welcoming Seminar Geodesy and Geoinformation (SE)

2. Semester (21)

127.026 Applied Cartography (VU)
128.061 Applied Geodesy II (VO)
128.062 Applied Geodesy II (UE)
126.102 Cartographic information systems (VU)
126.097 Cartographic Interfaces (VU)
128.086 Geo-Coordinate Systems (VU) [45]
126.089 Geo-Media Technique (VU)
104.625 Geometry II for Geodesy and Geoinformation (VU)
127.040 Introduction to Geoinformation (VO)
127.041 Introduction to Geoinformation (UE)
120.112 Introduction to Programming II for Geodesy and Geoinformation (VU)
126.099 Location Based Services (VU)
101.243 Mathematics II for Geodesy (VO)
101.780 Mathematik II für Geodäten (UE)
126.091 Multimedia Cartography and GeoCommunication (VU)
138.083 Physics for Surveying and Geoinformation (VO)
126.101 Programming cartographic tasks (VU)
126.087 Project Map Creation (PR)
120.016 Seminar of Geosciences (Cartography) (SE)
126.094 Theoretical Cartography (VO)
127.045 Webmapping (VU)

3. Semester (15)

127.032 Adjustment Computations (VO)
127.033 Adjustment Computations (UE)
127.031 Cadastre (VO)
122.431 Calculation Exercises in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (UE)
120.062 Fundamentals of Geology (VO)
120.063 Fundamentals of Geophysics (VO)
120.064 Fundamentals of Geophysics (UE)
122.036 Fundamentals of Photogrammetry (VO)
122.037 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing (VO)
120.072 Geoinformation I (VU)
120.055 Geology and Geomorphology (VO)
120.045 Mathematical Methods of Geosciences (UE)
124.031 mathematical methods of geosciences (VO)
138.084 Physics for Surveying and Geoinformation (VO)

4. Semester (16)

186.866 Algorithms and Data Structures (VU)
128.078 Applied Geophysics (VO)
128.080 Applied Geophysics (UE) [47]
128.081 CAD for Surveying (VU)
122.422 Digital Image Processing in Surveying and Geoinformation (VO)
122.423 Digital Image Processing in Surveying and Geoinformation (UE)
128.060 Field Course in Applied Geodesy (PR)
126.089 Geo-Media Technique (VU)
120.077 Geoinformation II (VU)
128.079 Geophysical data acquisition (PR)
120.069 Introduction to Advanced Geodesy (UE)
120.067 Introduction to Advanced Geodesy I (VO)
120.068 Introduction to Advanced Geodesy II (VO)
126.091 Multimedia Cartography and GeoCommunication (VU)
138.026 Physics exercises for Surveying and Geoinformation (LU)
127.045 Webmapping (VU)

5. Semester (14)

175.868 AKDVWT (AKVWL) Umweltökonomie (Volkswirtschaftslehre für VW) (VO)
122.426 Applied Remote Sensing (VU)
128.056 Fundamentals of Engineering Geodesy (VO)
128.057 Fundamentals of Engineering Geodesy (UE)
120.073 Implementing a GIS Application (VO)
120.074 Implementing a GIS Application (UE)
122.429 Photogrammetry (VO)
122.430 Photogrammetry (UE)
128.058 Positioning and Navigation using GNSS (VO)
128.059 Positioning and Navigation using GNSS (UE)
265.003 private law (VO)
231.440 Raumplanung und Raumordnung (VO)
120.071 Satellite Geodesy (UE) [29]
128.063 Satellite Geodesy (VO)

6. Semester (19)

127.028 (Cartography) (SE)
128.073 Bachelor Thesis (Engineering Geodesy) (SE)
122.432 Bachelor Thesis (SE)
280.081 Constitutinal and Administrative Law (VO)
222.538 Engineering Hydrology (VO)
120.001 Integrative Project (PR)
128.088 Preparation of Bachelor Thesis (Advanced Geodesy) (SE)
120.043 Preparation of the Bachelor thesis (SE)
127.036 Preparation of the Bachelor Thesis (SE)
128.074 Presentation of Bachelor Thesis (Engineering Geodesy) (SE)
122.433 Presentation of Bachelor Thesis (SE)
128.087 Presentation of Bachelor Thesis Advanced Geodesy (SE)
120.044 Presentation of the bachelor thesis (Geophysics) (SE)
127.037 Presentation of the Bachelor Thesis (SE)
363.005 Project Management (VO)
120.111 Realtime Applications of Satellite Geodesy (PR)
040.002 Scientific Work: Literature Research, Citations, and Academic Writing (for Environmental Engineering) (SE)
122.427 Topographic Models (VO)
122.428 Topographic Models (UE)

7. Semester (25)

120.004 Adjustment Computations (advanced) (VO)
120.005 Adjustment Computations (advanced) (UE)
120.094 Advanced GIS (VU)
128.028 Astronomy - an Overview (VU)
120.017 Atmospheric Effects in Space Geodesy (VO)
120.018 Atmospheric Effects in Space Geodesy (UE)
123.630 Berufs-u.Standesprobleme d.Verm.Ing. (VO)
122.031 Climate Change Monitoring (VO)
123.031 Data quality (VO)
104.283 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (VU) [3]
124.026 Geodetic Space Techniques - project handling and data processing (VU)
120.031 Introduction to Earth Observation (VO)
120.046 Introduction to Potential Theory (VO)
120.029 Microwave Remote Sensing (VO)
120.030 Microwave Remote Sensing (UE)
128.017 Modern space geodetic techniques (VO)
124.344 Navigation (VO)
120.032 Point Cloud Processing (VU)
120.022 Seismic Exploration (VO) [1]
120.003 Seminar for Geodesy, Engineering Geodesy and Geophysics (SE)
120.015 Seminar for Geoinformation and Cartography (SE)
120.092 Seminar for Geoinformation and Cartography (SE)
120.033 Seminar for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (SE)
183.584 Statistical Pattern Recognition (UE)
183.425 Statistische Methoden der Mustererkennung (VO) [4]

8. Semester (30)

120.027 Advanced Photogrammetry (VO)
120.028 Advanced Photogrammetry (UE)
105.731 AKSTA Statistical Computing (VU)
120.036 Applied Earth Observation (VU)
120.104 Biogeophysics Biogeophysics and Environmental Geophysics (VO)
280.767 Building and Planning Law (VO)
126.102 Cartographic information systems (VU)
126.097 Cartographic Interfaces (VU)
120.110 Data Retrieval in Earth Observation (VU)
128.032 Engineering Geodesy Advanced (VO)
120.002 Engineering Surveying (UE)
120.105 Exploration with Electric and Electromagnetic Methods (VO)
128.090 Facility Management in Engineering Geodesy (VU)
128.012 Geodetic Space Techniques - excursion (EX)
120.091 Geometrical Algorithms for GIS (VU)
121.009 Ingenieurgeodäsie Messübungen (MU)
101.979 Introduction to Numerics (VU)
126.099 Location Based Services (VU)
126.101 Programming cartographic tasks (VU)
265.045 Rechtsfragen des Umweltschutzes (VO)
120.021 Satellite Navigation Systems and Services (VO)
120.040 Seminar der Geowissenschaften (Engineering Geodesy) (SE)
120.049 Seminar der Geowissenschaften (Geophysics) (SE)
120.020 Seminar of Geosciences (Advanced Geodesy) (SE)
120.016 Seminar of Geosciences (Cartography) (SE)
120.025 Seminar of Geosciences (Geoinformation) (SE)
120.037 Seminar of Geosciences (Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) (SE)
128.027 The Gravity Field of the Earth (VO)
126.094 Theoretical Cartography (VO)
128.089 Theory and Observation of the Earth's Gravity Field (UE)

9. Semester (11)

120.013 Cadastre (advanced) (UE)
120.014 Cadastre (advanced) (VO)
120.019 Earth rotation (UE)
128.010 Earth rotation and global dynamic processes (VO)
120.060 Geophysical data processing (UE)
128.033 Geotechnical Monitoring (VU)
127.010 Implementation of a GIS (UE)
127.046 Implementation of a GIS (VO)
120.085 Mobile GIS-Applications (VO)
120.087 Mobile GIS Application (UE)
280.303 Real property law (VO)

Without semester recommendation (28)

120.081 Climate and Environmental Remote Sensing (VU)
122.038 Exclusive Tutorial for Diploma and PhD Students (PV)
122.007 Forschungssem. in Photogrammetrie u. Fernerkundung für Dissertanten (SE)
120.060 Geophysical data processing (UE)
120.100 Introduction to Meteorology and Climatology (VO)
120.095 Lectures for Future II (VO)
120.053 Management for civil engineers (UE)
101.835 Mathematik I für Geodäten (RE)
101.945 Mathematik I für Geodäten (RE)
121.067 Methodology for students writing a diplom thesis or dissertation (PV)
120.117 Positioning in Indoor and GNSS challenged environments (VU)
120.041 Privatissimum for Bachelor and Master and PhD Students (PV)
122.435 Privatissimum for Bachelor and Master and PhD Students (PV)
125.010 Privatissimum for diploma and doctorate students (PV)
126.088 Privatissimum for PhD students (PV)
120.114 Programming of special geomatic tasks (PV)
126.087 Project Map Creation (PR)
120.113 Python programming for geoscience (VU)
120.076 Research Seminar Cartography (SE)
120.086 Research Seminar for Doctoral Students (PV)
122.028 Research Seminar für Diploma and Doktoral Students (PV)
126.225 Seminar for Diploma Thesis Issues (SE)
105.700 Technology for People For Mathematicians (VO)
128.023 Tuitionary for phd. and diploma students (PV)
128.024 Tuitionary for phd. and diploma students (PV)
128.026 Tuitionary for Phd and diploma students (PV)
128.030 Tuitionary for Phd and diploma students (PV)
122.024 Wissenschaftliche Projekte (UE)