Courses per Year

Unique Lecturers per Year

Average ECTS of a Course per Year

Course Types per Year

For the considered range (up until and excluding 2023), courses with a lower total amount of 5000 are not shown in the Figure below. These are: KU(4046), AG(3372), EX(3030), PS(2346), KO(1717), RU(1050), RE(750), VL(364), PU(318), MU(184), FU(120), SP(111), VD(84), VR(81), ZU(52), RV(45), UX(29), AU(25), PN(22), AE(21), VX(11), KV(2), IP(1). Ranges may be set using parameters year and amt, e.g., 50, 2000.

Amount of (unique) courses per lecturer

LecturerAMT. Courses
Grechenig, Thomas194
Winter, Wolfgang157
Martens, Bob156
Tomaselli, Markus151
Kühn, Christian141
Bauer, Peter137
Berthold, Manfred137
Seidel, Michael135
Kölbl, Wolfgang134
Palffy, Andras131
Kottbauer, Anton126
Stiles, Richard121
Steininger, Andreas120
Dangschat, Jens119
Jadric, Mladen118

Binned Amount of Semesters per Duration

The following figure shows the binned amount of semesters per lecture. For example, a total amount of 9599 courses were taught for the (maximum) duration of 1 semester.

ECTS/SWS Binned Amount of Courses

This Figure shows the (SWS/ECTS) binned amount of courses, i.e., the amount of courses per SWS- or ECTS-bin, with ECTS denoting the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) points and SWS the semester work hours. Please note that changes in SWS/ECTS for courses during its duration was disregarded.


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