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Interfaculty studies (2023S)

Courses (including empty):

1. Semester (8)

206.329 building mechanics (VO)
163.190 Chemical Calculations (UE)
163.189 Fundamentals of Chemistry for Environmental Engineering (VO)
120.055 Geology and Geomorphology (VO)
226.071 Introductory course to Environmental Engineering (VU)
104.289 Mathematics (UE) [10]
102.074 Mathematics 1 (VO)
280.640 Settlement development and spatial planning (VO)

2. Semester (10)

222.585 Environmental Science and Society (VO)
222.564 Hydraulic (VO) [18]
120.093 Introduction to Geoinformation and Cartography (VO)
104.407 Mathematics 2 for CE (VO)
104.409 Mathematics 2 for CE (UE) [4]
206.330 mechanics 1 (VO)
206.331 mechanics 1 (UE)
165.162 Physical Chemistry for Environmental Engineering (VO)
138.083 Physics for Surveying and Geoinformation (VO)
226.065 Soil science (VO)

3. Semester (12)

164.183 Analytical Principles and Measurement Techniques (VO)
120.098 Applied Geodesy and Geo-Coordinate Systems (VO)
166.142 Biology (VO) [2]
122.431 Calculation Exercises in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (UE)
226.048 Ecology (SE)
122.036 Fundamentals of Photogrammetry (VO)
122.037 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing (VO)
120.116 Introduction to Programming I for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Environmental Engineering (VU)
222.586 Mixing and Transport Processes (VO)
138.084 Physics for Surveying and Geoinformation (VO)
226.026 Water Quality Management (VO)
226.062 Water Quality Management (UE) [2]

4. Semester (14)

128.078 Applied Geophysics (VO)
128.080 Applied Geophysics (UE) [47]
166.223 biochemistry for computer scientists (VO)
166.708 Environmental Microbiology (VO)
230.054 Environmental Noise (VO)
226.052 Freshwater quality and ecology (VO)
166.695 Introduction to biochemistry (VO)
120.100 Introduction to Meteorology and Climatology (VO)
164.317 Measurement Techniques, Instrumentation and Physical Sensors (VO)
105.730 Modeling dynamic environmental systems (VU)
166.709 Process engineering for environmental engineers (VO)
222.587 Statistics for Environmental Engineering (VU)
172.071 Toxicology for Chemists (VO)
225.023 Urban Metabolism (VU) [18]

5. Semester (10)

164.363 Air quality and greenhouse gases (VO)
122.426 Applied Remote Sensing (VU)
373.010 Energy economics (VU) [4]
222.538 Engineering Hydrology (VO)
222.539 Engineering Hydrology (UE) [2]
280.080 Introduction to politicale economy (VO)
226.066 Material Flow Analysis (VU)
200.273 Seminar Environmental Engineering (SE)
120.109 Topographic Models (VU)
222.075 Water resources management (VO)

6. Semester (7)

200.274 Bachelor Thesis for Environmental Engineering (PR)
280.081 Constitutinal and Administrative Law (VO)
370.082 Energy Systems and Climate Change (VU)
280.774 Public Finance and Infrastructure Economics (VO)
265.045 Rechtsfragen des Umweltschutzes (VO)
040.002 Scientific Work: Literature Research, Citations, and Academic Writing (for Environmental Engineering) (SE)
265.980 Übung Verfassungs-und Verwaltungsrecht (UE) [6]

7. Semester (4)

101.880 Applied Mathematics Foundations (VU)
360.239 Introduction to Computational Science and Engineering (VO)
360.242 Numerical Simulation and Scientific Computing I (VU)
191.125 Scientific Programming with Python (VU)

8. Semester (4)

184.726 Advanced Multiprocessor Programming (VU)
101.773 Numerical methods for PDEs (VO)
101.775 Numerical methods for PDEs (UE)
360.243 Numerical Simulation and Scientific Computing II (VU)

9. Semester (3)

360.251 Advanced Programming with C++ (VU)
360.252 Computational Science on Many-Core Architectures (VU)
184.725 High Performance Computing (VU)

Without semester recommendation (409)

101.500 .. (VO) [17]
101.502 .. (UE)
183.129 3D Vision (VO)
183.130 3D Vision (LU)
226.055 Abfallwirtschaft und Entsorgungstechnik (VU)
366.087 Actuators (VO)
308.865 Additive Manufacturing Technologies (VU)
164.344 Advanced Biostatistics (VU)
164.289 Advanced ceramics and electrochemistry (LU)
184.780 Advanced Database Systems (VU)
120.094 Advanced GIS (VU)
317.536 Advanced Material Models for Structural Analysis (VO)
105.707 Advanced Methods for Regression and Classification (VU)
207.014 Advanced Numerical Methods in Building Science 1 (VU)
207.017 Advanced Numerical Methods in Building Science 2 (VU)
226.050 Advanced Wastewater Treatment and Reuse (VO)
166.184 air pollution control techniques (VO)
101.726 AKFVM-AKNUM Computational Finance (VO)
101.727 AKFVM-AKNUM Computational Finance (UE) [8]
101.953 AKNUM Scientific Computing for Finite Element Methods (VU)
110.043 AKOR Mathematical Models of Drug Use and Drug Control (VO)
186.814 Algorithmics (VU)
234.166 Allgemeine Betriebswirtschaftslehre (VO)
226.049 Anaerobic Wastewater and Sludge Treatment (VO)
317.542 Analytical Methods in Lightweight Design (VU)
317.543 Analytical Methods in Lightweight Design (LU)
185.330 Anatomy and Histology (VD)
141.A40 Application of ionizing radiation in medicine (VO)
141.905 Application of radiation physics in engeneering and medicine (SE)
120.036 Applied Earth Observation (VU)
132.070 Applied Quantum Mechanics (VO)
186.102 Approximation Algorithms (VU)
308.693 Arbeitsmethoden zur Werkstoffbeurteilung (LU)
187.A59 Assistive Technologien 1 (VO)
187.A60 Assistive Technologies 2 (VO)
308.882 Atomistic Materials Modelling (VO)
322.019 Basics of lung physiology and vertilation technique in the intensive care medicine (VO)
206.343 Basics of Mechanics of Materials Sciences (VU)
185.A47 Basics of physiology and pathology (VO) [1]
123.630 Berufs-u.Standesprobleme d.Verm.Ing. (VO)
222.589 Bio-geomorphological processes (VO)
164.220 Biochip Technologies in (Bio)Analytical Chemistry (VO)
308.106 Biocompatible Materials (VO)
120.104 Biogeophysics Biogeophysics and Environmental Geophysics (VO)
166.221 Bioinformatics for Biomedical Engineers (VO)
142.440 Biol.u.Med.Anw.der Kernphysik II (SV)
142.081 Biological and Medical Applications of Nuclear Physics I (VO)
166.142 Biology (VO) [2]
308.119 Biomaterials (VO)
317.550 Biomechanical Testing of Bone and Orthopedic Implants (VU)
317.026 Biomechanics (VO)
317.028 Biomechanics (SE)
317.032 Biomechanics (LU)
309.033 Biomechanics of the Human Locomotor System (SE)
354.042 Biomedical Instrumentation (VU)
164.235 Biomedical Mass Spectrometry (VU)
351.027 Biomedical Sensors and Signals (VO)
351.029 Biomedical Sensors and Signals (PR)
134.202 Biomembranes (VO)
362.177 Biophysics (VO)
354.073 Biosignal analysis using Matlab (VU)
101.152 Brain Modeling (VO)
159.830 Brennstofftechnologie (VO)
322.057 Calculating Turbulent Flows with CFD-Codes (UE)
322.018 Cardiovascular System Dynamics (VO)
126.097 Cartographic Interfaces (VU)
164.171 Chemical Nanoscopy (VO)
163.198 Chemistry and Biology of Polymeric Biomaterials (VO)
165.102 Chemistry and Physics of Interfaces (VO)
165.088 Chemistry of nanomaterials (VO)
120.081 Climate and Environmental Remote Sensing (VU)
122.031 Climate Change Monitoring (VO)
134.230 Colloid and Interface Physics (VO)
181.200 Communication and rhetoric (SE)
184.004 Communication techniques (SE)
184.215 Complexity Analysis (VU)
164.295 Composites and compounds (VO)
322.079 Computational Aerodynamics (VU)
202.064 Computational Biomaterials and Biomechanics (VU)
202.054 Computational Material Modelling (VU)
138.058 Computational Materials Science (VU) [26]
101.952 Computational Mathematics (SE)
363.002 Computational Methods in Neural Engineering (VU)
141.A37 Computerassisted Imaging Concepts (VO)
101.529 Computer Simulation in Medicine (UE)
308.886 Computer Use in Materials Technology (VU)
138.121 Concepts in Condensed Matter Physics (VU)
308.880 Corrosion (VU)
308.130 Damage analyses (VU)
188.995 Data-oriented Programming Paradigms (VU)
184.686 Data Base Systems (VU) [18]
207.019 Data Management (VU)
194.044 Data Stewardship (VO)
194.045 Data Stewardship (UE)
226.057 Deponietechnik und Altlastensanierung (VO)
321.001 Der Motor Muskel (VO)
166.643 Design and assessment of sustainable processes (VO)
187.250 Devepoling a career - coping with obstacles (VO)
360.033 Device Modeling (VU)
184.228 Didactics in computer science education (SE)
226.047 Drinking Water Treatment (VO)
166.170 Dust Separation (VO)
164.225 Ecology and Sustainable Development (VO) [12]
185.190 Efficient Programs (VU)
362.072 Electronic Devices (VU) [56]
362.041 Electronic properties of nanostructures (SE)
134.089 Electronic Structure of Solids and Surfaces (VO)
138.049 Electron microscopy (PR)
202.019 Engineering Biochemoporomechanics (VO)
202.024 Engineering Biochemoporomechanics (UE)
222.570 Engineering Hydrology 2 (VU)
308.868 Engineering Materials (VO)
226.059 Environmental Assessment (VU)
226.068 Environmental Certification (SE)
226.070 Environmental ethics (VO)
308.140 Examination of material failures in production plants (VO)
225.010 excursion 2 - waste management (EX)
226.061 Excursion for Lecture Drinking Water Treatment (EX)
222.541 Excursion water resources management (EX)
134.326 Exp.Methoden der Oberflächenphysik (VO)
202.058 Experimental determination of the mechanical properties of biological tissues (LU)
317.532 Experimental Mechanics and Characterization of the Hierarchical Structure of Biological Tissues (VO)
188.992 Experiment Design for Data Science (VU)
120.105 Exploration with Electric and Electromagnetic Methods (VO)
203.061 Fieldtrip applied petrology (EX)
363.003 Field trip Healing Gallery - Hyperthermia and radon therapy (EX)
231.043 Field trip transport planning (SE)
325.095 Finite Element for Multi-Physics I (VU)
325.099 Finite Element Methods for Multi-Physics II (VO)
325.101 Finite Element Methods for Multi-Physics II (UE)
317.526 Finite Element Methods in Biomechanics (VU)
207.012 Foundations of Building Science (VU)
308.120 Fracture Mechanics (LU)
354.048 Functional Electrostimulation: theory and praxis 1 (VU)
134.204 Functional Imaging Technology and Devices - Physical Principles (VO)
138.056 Functional Materials (VO)
322.048 Fundamentals in Fluid Mechanics (VU)
193.125 Fundamentals of Computer Vision (VU)
308.098 Fügetechnik (VO)
362.180 Genomics technologies, processes and instrumentation (VO)
362.182 Genomic technologies and processes (UE)
120.060 Geophysical data processing (UE)
120.118 GeoVisualization (VU)
352.031 Getting agreement in negotiations (SE)
206.145 Glass and Glass Materials (VO)
182.731 GPU Architectures and Computing (VU)
222.579 Groundwater resources and modelling (VU)
133.293 Grundlagen der Elektronenmikroskopie/I (VO)
362.028 Halbleiter-Nauostrukturen (SE)
166.224 Health related water quality targets and urban water management (VO)
362.145 Heterostructures for Nanoelectronics and Photonics (VU)
192.137 Heuristic Optimization Techniques (VU)
131.047 Highly correlated electron systems (VO)
164.164 High Performance Ceramics (VO)
222.581 Hydrometry (VU)
328.032 Identifikation - Experimentelle Modellbildung (VO)
325.097 Implementation of a Finite Element Program (VU)
253.179 INEX Sustainability Challenge (VO)
164.234 Instrumental Analytical Biochemistry (VO)
362.088 Integrated circuits (VU)
165.163 Introduction to Atomistic Calculations (VU)
163.137 Introduction to Biological Chemistry (VO) [11]
166.202 Introduction to Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (VO)
317.043 Introduction to Biomechanics (VU)
164.343 Introduction to Biostatistics (VO)
207.013 Introduction to Digital Twins for Buildings and Cities (VU)
120.031 Introduction to Earth Observation (VO)
317.039 Introduction to Finite Element Methods in Solid Mechanics (VU)
141.B07 Introduction to medical physics aspects of ion beam therapy (VO)
166.692 Introduction to Microscopy in Biology (VU)
360.241 Introduction to Semiconductor Physics and Devices (VU)
317.540 Isogeometric Analysis (VU)
015.576 Italian for engineers I (VO)
101.770 Iterative solution of large systems of equations (VO)
101.771 Iterative solution of large systems of equations (UE)
163.178 Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies (VO)
362.060 Labcourse on silicon technology (PR)
366.088 Lab Microsystems Technology (UE)
306.024 Laboratory course the engine 'muscle' (LU)
226.044 Laboratory Tutorial Wastewater Treatment (LU) [3]
226.058 Laborübung Ressourcenmanagement und Abfallwirtschaft (LU)
134.154 Laser in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine (VO)
188.383 Leadership Competency Coaching 1 (SE)
188.472 Leadership Competency Coaching 2 (SE)
317.108 Leichtbau (SE)
308.869 Life cycle of materials (VU)
308.032 Light Metals (VO)
138.034 Low Temperture Physics (VO)
184.702 Machine Learning (VU)
183.605 Machine Learning for Visual Computing (VU)
163.199 Macromolecular Chemistry for BME Makromolekulare Chemie für BME (VO)
138.033 Magnetism (VO)
134.231 Mammalian Cell Culture (VO)
134.232 Mammalian Cell Culture (LU)
308.075 Master thesis colloquium (SE)
164.162 Matallurgy and Materials Processing (VO)
166.684 Material Biomass utilisation (VO)
362.154 Materialien, Prozesse und Technologien der Photonik (VU)
362.143 Materialien der Mikroelektronik, Photonik und der Mikrosystemtechnik (VO)
366.086 Materials, processes and technologies for MEMS (VU)
362.152 Materials, processes and technologies og microelectronics (VU)
308.129 Materials Characterisation and Nondestructive Testing (VU)
138.053 Material Science (VO)
308.860 Material Science of Non-metalic Materials (VO)
308.870 Materials Diagnostics (VU)
164.160 Materials failing, corrosion and fatigue (VO)
366.050 Materials for Material Sciences (VU)
308.094 Materials for Mechanical Engineering (SE)
308.124 Materials Processing (PA)
308.867 Materials Processing (SE)
308.862 Materials Science of Metallic Materials (VO)
308.863 Materials Science of Steels (VO)
308.118 Materials Selection (PA)
308.878 Materials Selection (VO)
138.065 Materials Synthesis (VO) [9]
308.128 Materials Testing (VU)
308.859 Materials Testing 2 (LU)
101.647 Math.Seminar Hörtheorie (SE)
186.835 Mathematical Programming (VU)
202.647 Mathematical Systems Biology (VO)
226.051 Mechanical Equipment of Wastewater Treatment Plants (VO)
202.057 Mechanical properties of biological tissue (VO)
202.674 Mechanobiology - Fundamentals and Modeling Concepts (VU)
242.026 Mediativ competence in Civil Engineering Practice 1 (SE)
183.269 Medical Image Processing (VO)
183.630 Medical Image Processing (UE)
141.225 Medical Physics of diagnostic imaging (VO)
166.654 Membrane Technology (VO)
366.091 MEMS Technology and Devices (SE)
308.101 Metallische Hochtemperaturstoffe (VO)
164.305 Metals and material processing (LU)
360.229 Methods of Calculating in Quantum Electronics (LU)
366.090 Micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (VO)
362.163 Microelectrodes & Microfluidics for Biomedical Applications (PR)
366.085 Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) (VU)
362.118 Microelectronic Concepts for Biomedical Interfacing (VU)
360.233 Microelectronic Relibility: Devices (VU)
134.996 Microscopy on Biomolecules (VO)
134.997 Microscopy on Biomolecules (PR)
362.155 Mikro- & nanoelektronische & optische Bauelemente (SE)
194.076 Modeling and Simulation (VU)
212.010 Modelling and Analysis of Structural Concrete (VO)
101.852 Modelling and analysis of the cardiovascular system (VU)
194.094 Modelling and Simulation in Health Technology Assessment (VU)
309.038 Modelling of the Human Locomotor System (VO)
165.093 Molecular and self-organized materials (VO)
134.201 Molecular Biology of the Cell (VO)
134.209 Molecular Biophysics (VO)
134.210 Molecular Biophysics (UE)
126.091 Multimedia Cartography and GeoCommunication (VU)
202.649 Multiscale Material Modeling (VO)
202.650 Multiscale Material Modeling (UE)
366.102 Nanoelectromechanical Systems (VU)
362.147 Nanostructuring of low domenional systems (VU)
101.186 Nervenmodelle (VO)
141.242 Neutron and X-ray Diffraction (VO)
317.535 Nonlinear Finite Element Methods (VO)
317.537 Nonlinear Finite Element Methods (UE)
101.973 Numerical Computation (VU)
302.042 Numerical Methods for Fluid Mechanics (VO)
302.044 Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics (UE)
101.509 Numerics of partial differential equations: instationary problems (VO)
101.532 Numerics of partial differential equations: instationary problems (UE) [10]
101.506 Numerics of partial differential equations: stationary problems (VO)
226.069 Occupational safety (VO)
376.058 Optimization (VU) [3]
163.179 Organ-on-a-chip Technologies (VO)
163.154 Organic Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry (VO)
164.306 Organic Mass Spectrometry (VO)
184.727 Parallel Algorithms (VU)
132.968 Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena (SV)
164.172 Physical and Analytical Chemistry (VO)
165.089 Physical and Theoretical Solid State Chemistry (VU)
165.141 Physical and theoretical solid state chemistry (VO)
164.196 Physical Chemistry of Materials (VO)
165.140 Physicochemical Methods of Materials Characterization (VO)
133.019 Physics of Magnetic Materials (VO)
138.032 Physics of thin films (VO)
138.035 Physics of thin films (UE)
134.048 Physikalische Analytik (VO) [27]
134.169 Plasma Technology and -Chemistry (VO)
308.117 Plastics Processing (VO)
163.110 Polymer characterization (VO)
163.109 Polymer Materials (VO)
308.107 Polymers for Special Applications (VO)
164.163 Powder Metallurgy and Sintered Materials (VO)
370.002 Power Supply (VO)
138.051 Practical course: Solid state physics (PR)
015.111 Presentations and Technical Writing - advanced 1 (VU)
015.112 Presentations and Technical Writing - advanced 2 (VU)
242.016 Presentations I (for Civil Engineers) (SE)
242.017 Presentations II (for Civil Engineers) (SE)
164.316 Process Analytical Chemistry (VO)
362.149 Processing Chemistry for Micro- and Nanoelectronics (VU)
166.219 Process Simulation (RU) [6]
166.038 Process Simulation Basics (VO)
105.733 Programming with MATLAB for Biomedical Engineering (VU)
317.045 Project: Biomaterials and Biomechanics (PA)
354.043 Project: Biomedical Instrumentation & Signals (PA)
101.388 Project: Mathematical and Computational Biology (PA)
134.191 Project: Medical Physics & Imaging (PA)
322.021 Project study in fluid mechanics (PA)
317.512 Project Work Design Project Light Weight Structures and Finite Element Methods (PR)
307.466 Prosthesis (VO)
362.144 Prozesstechnologien der Mikroelektronik, Photonik und der Mikrosystemtechnik (VO)
164.169 Quality Assurance and GLP/GMP (VO)
360.227 Quantum Electronics (VO)
360.228 Quantum Electronics Absorption (VU)
163.180 Rapid prototyping of microfluidic devices (UE)
166.042 Reaction Engineering and Combustion (VO)
280.303 Real property law (VO)
360.244 Recent Advances in Computational Electronics (SE)
164.298 Recycling (VO)
101.689 Regelungsmath.Modelle in der Medizin (SV)
306.005 rehabilitation technology laboratory course (LU)
307.039 Rehabilitation Technology Seminar (SE)
307.487 Rehabiltation Technology Rehabilitation Engineering (VO)
355.674 Removal and recycling in electrical engineering (VO)
185.A34 Research Methods (VU)
207.029 Research Methods and Scientific Writing in Building and City Science (SE)
226.054 Resource Management (VU)
222.588 Risk and Climate Impact (VU)
015.068 Russian for engineers II (VO)
015.067 Russian für engineers I (VO)
164.303 Sample preparation and basic concepts in bioanalysis (VO)
317.029 Sandwich Structures (VO)
120.022 Seismic Exploration (VO) [1]
186.105 Selected Chapters from Medical Visualization (VU)
362.138 Selected Topics - Biophysics (VU)
360.245 Selected Topics - Computational Electronics (PR)
366.107 Selected Topics - MEMS and NEMS (PR)
362.162 Selected Topics - Microelectronic Concepts for Biomedical Interfaces Practical Project to the corresponding lecture (PR)
360.223 Selected Topics - Microelectronic Devices, Simulation (VU)
362.136 Selected Topics - Microelectronic Devices Lab-course (VU)
366.074 Selected Topics - Microsensortechnology (VU)
362.135 Selected Topics - Nanoelectronics and Information Technology (VU)
138.123 Selected Topics in Materials Science (PN)
165.164 Selected Topics in Theoretical Chemistry (PR)
362.082 Semiconductor electronics and devices (SE)
360.248 Semiconductor Sensors (VU)
362.084 Semiconductor Technology Labcourse (UE)
186.175 Seminar aus graphischer Datenverarb. (SE)
325.090 Seminar Mechatronic Systems (SE)
225.032 Seminar Resources and Waste Management (SE)
226.039 Seminar series water quality management (SE)
366.057 Sensors and Microsystem Technology for BME (VO) [1]
366.035 Sensors and optoelectronic Components (VO)
366.071 Sensor Systems (VO)
308.114 Service Strength (SE)
226.072 Sewer Rehabilitation (SE)
360.246 Simulation of Semiconductor Device Fabrication (VU)
165.144 Simulations of solids (VU)
134.203 Single Molecule Microscopy (SE)
187.329 Sociology of Technology (VU)
181.208 Softskills for technicians (VU)
164.185 Solid State Chemistry (VO)
362.142 Solid State Electronics (VO)
362.083 Solid state electronics and solid state devices (VU)
138.017 solid state physics I (VO) [5]
138.024 Solid state physics ll (VO)
015.035 Spanish for engineers I (VO)
015.036 Spanish for engineers II (VO)
164.357 Spatial Omics (VO)
200.267 Specialised relevant practice (SE)
138.057 Spectroscopy of Solids (VO)
105.645 stationary processes and time series analysis, UE (UE)
105.143 Stationary processes and time series analysis (VO)
183.584 Statistical Pattern Recognition (UE)
107.330 Statistical Simulation and Computerintensive Methods (VU)
183.425 Statistische Methoden der Mustererkennung (VO) [4]
226.046 Storm Water Treatment and Pollution Simulation (VU)
141.405 Strahlenphysik (SV)
186.856 Structural Decompositions and Algorithms (VU)
141.685 Supraleitung (SV)
164.182 Surface and Interface Analysis (VO)
134.165 Surface Physics (VO)
134.192 Surface Physics and -Analytics (VO)
308.875 Surface Technology (VO)
165.146 Synthesis of Inorganic Materials (VO)
230.053 System analysis, strategic planning and policy modelling with system dynamics (VU)
307.465 Technical Restoration of Body Functions by Means of FES (VU)
362.089 Technology and Materials, Seminar (SE)
164.167 Technology of Nanostructured Materials (VO)
138.030 Technology of thin films (VO)
141.944 Teilchenbeschleuniger (SV)
165.009 Theoretical Chemistry (VO)
165.157 Theoretical molecular chemistry (VO)
132.054 Theoretical Solid State Theory II (SV)
132.034 Theoretische Festkörperphysik I (SV)
366.103 Theory, modelling and simulation of MEMS and NEMS devices (VO)
105.746 Theory of stochastic processes (VO)
166.220 Thermal Biomass Utilization (VO)
226.056 Thermische Abfallverwertung (VO)
317.523 Tissue Biomechanics Tutorial (UE)
226.023 Transfer of Enviornmental Technology to Developing Countries (SE)
322.071 Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems (VO)
322.072 Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems (UE)
134.157 Ultrasound in Nature, Engineering and Medicine (VU)
164.052 Umweltchemie und Analytik (VO)
309.005 Unfallbiomechanik (VO)
230.038 Verkehrsträger- und Mobilitätsmanagement (VO)
186.138 Visualization of Medical Data 2 (VU)
354.049 VU Functional Electrostimulation: theory and praxis 2 (VU)
200.277 Wahlpraktikum 1 (PR)
200.278 Wahlpraktikum 2 (PR)
222.578 Wasserbauliches Versuchswesen (VU)
222.571 Wasserwirtschaft und Flussgebietsmanagement (VO)
226.043 Wastewater Treatment (VO)
226.045 Water and River Basin Management (UE) [1]