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Mechanical Engineering - Economics (2023S)

Courses (including empty):

1. Semester (10)

330.259 Accounting (VU) [3]
317.530 Fundamentals in Programming for MB, WIMB and VT (VU)
311.620 Grundlagen der Fertigungstechnik (VO)
330.001 Grundzüge der Experimentellen Ökonomie (VO)
300.000 Introduction to mechanical and industrial engineering (VU)
104.297 Mathematics 1 for MB, WIMB and VT (VO)
104.604 Mathematics 1 for MB, WIMB and VT (UE)
105.704 Principles of Macroeconomics (VO)
330.159 Production- and Quality Management 1 (VO)
307.426 Technical Drawing/CAD (VU)

2. Semester (10)

307.428 Fundamentals of Engineering Design (VO)
104.299 Mathematics 2 for MB, WIMB and VT (VO)
104.606 Mathematics 2 for MB, WIMB and VT (UE)
309.021 Mechanics of solid bodies, exercises 1 (UE)
309.019 Mechanics of solid bodies 1 (VO)
330.162 Production and Quality Management 2 (VO)
330.163 Production and Quality Management 2 (UE)
325.062 Stochastics (VU)
307.427 Technical Drawing/CAD Engineering Training (UE)
311.108 Workshop on Production Technology (PR)

3. Semester (8)

372.748 Fundamentals in Electrical Engineering for MB and WIMB (VO)
372.747 Fundamentals of Electronics for MB and WIMB (VO)
307.494 Machine Design 1 (VO)
308.862 Materials Science of Metallic Materials (VO)
104.618 Mathematics 3 for MB, WIMB and VT (VU)
309.022 Mechanics of solid bodies, exercises 2 (UE)
309.020 Mechanics of solid bodies 2 (VO)
302.670 Thermodynamics for WIMB (VU)

4. Semester (10)

330.229 Cost Accounting (VU) [5]
322.048 Fundamentals in Fluid Mechanics (VU)
330.200 Fundamentals of Work Science (VU)
330.224 Investment and Financing 1 (VU)
307.495 Machine Design 2 (VO)
307.452 Maschinenelemente Engineering Design Training (UE)
308.860 Material Science of Non-metalic Materials (VO)
308.861 Material Testing 1 (LU)
330.189 Organization Theory (VU)
330.156 Project Management (VO)

5. Semester (8)

330.226 Business Law (VO)
325.038 Fundamentals of Automatic Control (VU)
372.749 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics for MB and WIMB (LU)
330.222 Investment and Financing 2 (VU)
330.164 Logistics (VO)
330.165 Logistics (UE)
303.009 Measuring and vibration technology (VO)
330.227 Optimization in Business and Economics (VU)

6. Semester (1)

303.010 Measuring and vibration technology (LU)

10. Semester (2)

301.038 Exercises in Mechanics 3 (UE)
301.036 Mechanics 3 (VO)

Without semester recommendation (394)

325.025 Adaptive and predictive control (UE)
328.036 Adaptive and predictive control (VO)
308.865 Additive Manufacturing Technologies (VU)
302.064 Advanced and alternative energy systems (SE)
302.699 Advanced and Alternative Energy Systems (LU)
330.236 Advanced Financial Planning and Control (VU)
317.536 Advanced Material Models for Structural Analysis (VO)
317.014 Advanced Space Propulsion Systems (VO)
370.012 Advanced Studies in Electrical Engineering and Electronics for MB and WIMB (VO)
302.720 Advanced Systems for Power Generation (VO)
307.504 Aircraft Design I (VU)
307.511 Aircraft Design II (VU)
302.725 Airing and Air Conditioning Technology (VO)
315.725 Alternative Powertrains (VO)
308.109 Analysis of Component Damage (PA)
317.542 Analytical Methods in Lightweight Design (VU)
317.543 Analytical Methods in Lightweight Design (LU)
317.544 Application of Finite Element Methods (UE)
322.076 Applied Fluid Mechanics (VO)
322.047 Applied Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (LU)
317.004 Applied Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics of Ships (VO)
330.203 Applied Process Management (VO)
302.696 Applied Thermodynamics (VU)
308.693 Arbeitsmethoden zur Werkstoffbeurteilung (LU)
330.265 Assistance Systems for Production 1 (VU)
330.273 Assistance Systems in Manufacturing 2 (VU)
322.074 Asymptotic Methods of Fluid Mechanics (VU)
308.882 Atomistic Materials Modelling (VO)
315.750 Automated driving and alternative vehicle technology (VO)
311.092 Automation and Drives (VO)
302.719 Automation for Thermal Engineering (LU)
315.761 Automobile, Energy and Environment (SE)
315.726 Automotive Engineering (LU)
315.759 Automotive Exhaust Emissions (VO)
315.737 Automotive Powertrains - Advanced (VO)
315.760 Automotive Powertrains - Emissions and Energy (LU)
315.728 Automotive Powertrains (VO)
315.729 Automotive Powertrains (LU)
315.732 Automotive Powertrains (UE)
315.738 Automotive Powertrains (SE)
307.418 Bachelor Thesis Design Engineering (long) (PR)
302.704 Bachelor Thesis Energysystems A (PR)
322.055 Bachelor Thesis Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer (PR)
317.513 Bachelor Thesis Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechanics (PR)
330.196 Bachelor Thesis Management Science (PR)
308.871 Bachelor Thesis Materials Science &Technology (PR)
325.059 Bachelor Thesis Mechanics and Mechatronics (PR)
315.740 Bachelor Thesis Powertrains and Automotive Technology (PR)
311.133 Bachelor Thesis Production Engineering and Laser Technology (PR)
311.119 Basic Nanotechnology and Nanometrology (VO)
302.017 Basics of computational fluid- and thermodynamics (VO)
311.136 Basics of Laser Technology (VO)
329.020 Basics of Pressure Vessel and Plant Technology (VU)
308.106 Biocompatible Materials (VO)
308.119 Biomaterials (VO)
317.026 Biomechanics (VO)
317.028 Biomechanics (SE)
317.032 Biomechanics (LU)
309.033 Biomechanics of the Human Locomotor System (SE)
101.028 Biomedical Engineering: An Introduction (VO)
322.029 Boundary layer theory (VO)
307.514 bulk material simulation (VU)
322.057 Calculating Turbulent Flows with CFD-Codes (UE)
315.733 Car Design (SE)
315.762 Catalytic pollutant reduction of internal combustion engines (VO)
322.078 CFD Applied Fluidmechanics (PR)
302.683 CFD for Thermal Turbomachines (VO)
302.693 CFD for Thermal Turbomachines (VU)
302.726 CFD for Turbomachinery (UE)
330.310 Change Management (VU)
311.063 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (LU)
330.296 Cobot Studio @Pilotfabrik Industrie 4.0 (VU)
330.021 Competition Law (VO)
164.295 Composites and compounds (VO)
317.554 Composites Engineering (VU)
302.716 Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineering Applications (VO)
301.063 Computer aided methods for dynamical systems (VO)
301.064 Computer aided methods for dynamical systems (UE)
308.886 Computer Use in Materials Technology (VU)
325.040 Continous Simulation (VO)
325.041 Continous Simulation (UE)
307.434 Continuous Handling Equipments (VO)
317.527 Continuum Mechanics of Solids (VO)
317.528 Continuum Mechanics of Solids (UE)
330.240 Controlling (VU)
308.880 Corrosion (VU)
315.054 Criteria of future automobiles I (VO)
315.055 Criteria of future automobiles II (VO)
308.130 Damage analyses (VU)
321.001 Der Motor Muskel (VO)
302.731 Design- and Operational Optimization (VU)
302.063 Design and calculation of thermal equipment (UE)
307.480 Design competition (SE)
315.735 Design of Automotive Suspension Systems (UE)
317.553 Design of Composite Structures using Finite Element Methods (UE)
311.093 Design of Machine Tools (VO)
302.697 Diagnostic and Maintenance of Hydr. Machines (VO)
328.011 Digital Control (VO)
330.211 Digital Factory Planning (VU)
330.317 Digital Simulation of Ergonomics and Robotics (DSER) (VU)
322.062 Dimensional Analysis (VO)
330.072 Doctoral and Diploma Seminar (SE)
301.018 Dynamics and Control of space vehicles (VO)
330.255 E&I Garage - Business Model Development (VU)
307.440 Ecodesign, Sustainable Product Development (SE)
370.013 Electrical Drives for MB and WIMB (VO)
370.014 Electrical Engineering and Electronics for MB and WIMB (UE)
311.160 Energy Efficient Production (VU)
302.733 Energy Systems Modeling (VO)
302.734 Energy Systems Modeling (UE)
315.753 Engine and Vehicle Control Systems (VO)
307.437 Engineering Design and Development of New Products (VO)
307.438 Engineering Design and Development of New Products (UE)
325.045 Engineering dynamics - laboratory course (LU)
308.868 Engineering Materials (VO)
330.239 Enterprise Risk Management (Fundamentals) (VU)
330.230 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SE)
302.682 Equipment for Thermal Energy 1 (VO)
302.689 Equipment for Thermal Energy 2 (VO)
308.140 Examination of material failures in production plants (VO)
301.038 Exercises in Mechanics 3 (UE)
330.309 Experience Leadership (Off-Site) (VU)
330.305 Factory Planning and Operating (VU)
325.055 Feedback Control (VU)
330.216 Financial Management (SE)
330.215 Financial Management and Reporting (VU)
325.095 Finite Element for Multi-Physics I (VU)
325.099 Finite Element Methods for Multi-Physics II (VO)
325.101 Finite Element Methods for Multi-Physics II (UE)
317.526 Finite Element Methods in Biomechanics (VU)
322.049 Fluid Mechanics 2 (VO)
322.050 Fluid Mechanics 2 (UE)
308.120 Fracture Mechanics (LU)
315.754 Fuel cell (LU)
317.016 Fundamentals of Finite Element Methods and other Methods in Computational Structural Mechanics (VO) [6]
322.061 Fundamentals of Numerical Thermo-Fluid Dynamics (UE) [4]
315.032 Future development of gasoline engines (VO)
315.059 Future Drive Concepts (VO)
308.098 Fügetechnik (VO)
322.075 Gas dynamics and Aerodynamics (VU)
315.282 Grundzüge Kraftfahrzeugbau (VO)
322.046 Heat Transfer (VU) [11]
317.207 Helicopters (VO)
330.188 Human Resource Management and Leadership (VO)
330.195 Human Resource Management and Leadership (UE)
315.758 Hybrid Drives (VO)
302.673 Hydraulic Machinery and Hydraulic Systems I (VO)
302.681 Hydraulic Machinery and Hydraulic Systems I (LU)
302.707 Hydraulic Machinery and Hydraulic Systems I (UE)
302.677 Hydraulic Machinery and Hydraulic Systems II (VO)
302.679 Hydraulic Machinery and Hydraulic Systems II (UE)
302.695 Hydraulic Machinery and Hydraulic Systems II (SE)
302.675 Hydraulic Measuring and Testing (UE)
302.724 Hydraulic Measuring and Testing (VO)
315.752 Hydrogen and fuel cells (VO)
325.065 Identification - Experimental Modeling (UE)
328.032 Identifikation - Experimentelle Modellbildung (VO)
308.138 Imaging metals by X-rays. electrons, and neutrons (SE)
325.097 Implementation of a Finite Element Program (VU)
330.175 Industrial Engineering (SE)
330.307 Industrial Engineering (VU)
330.285 Industrial Information Systems (VO)
330.286 Industrial Information Systems (UE)
311.114 Industrial Manufacturing Systems (VO)
311.120 Industrial Manufacturing Systems (UE)
325.035 Industrial Realtime Control Systems and Information Technology (VO)
302.086 Industrial seminar of energy technology (VO)
330.199 Innovation Management and Marketing (VU)
330.258 Innovation Theory (VU)
302.715 Innovative Building Services (VU)
307.417 Integrative Product Creation (VO)
311.148 Integrative Product Creation (PR)
311.745 Intelligent Mnanufacturing Systems (VO)
330.131 International Negotiations (VU)
317.019 Introduction to aircraft (VO)
302.732 Introduction to Industrial Energy Systems and Digital Methods (VO)
309.029 Introduction to Multi-body-system dynamics (VO)
325.056 Introduction to Multi-Body-System Dynamics (UE)
317.540 Isogeometric Analysis (VU)
330.282 Knowledge Integration in Cyber Physical Production Systems (UE)
330.267 Knowledge Management in Cyber Physical Production Systems (VO)
328.034 Laboratory Advanced Automatic Control (LU)
306.024 Laboratory course the engine 'muscle' (LU)
311.127 Laboratory tutorial (UE)
311.126 Laser Processing Technology (VO)
311.128 Laser systems (SE)
311.132 Laser technology (VO)
330.313 Leadership, Strategy & Change Management (VO)
330.321 Leading Strategic Change (SE)
317.108 Leichtbau (SE)
308.869 Life cycle of materials (VU)
307.431 Lifting and Handling Systems and Conveying Appliances (with Excursion) (SE)
307.432 Lifting and Handling Systems and Conveying Appliances Laboratory Exercise (LU)
308.032 Light Metals (VO)
317.552 Lightweight Design with Fiber-Reinforced-Polymers (VU)
330.177 Logistics in Automotive Industry (VO)
330.180 Logistics Management (SE)
307.485 Lubricated contacts - an introduction to lubricant and surface interactions (VO)
307.496 Machine Design (LU)
307.493 Machine Design 3 (UE)
325.039 Machine Dynamics (UE)
307.492 Machine Elements 3 (VO)
317.547 Machine Learning in Engineering Applications (SE)
311.106 Machining and Forming (VO)
311.999 Machining laboratory (LU)
330.169 Maintenance and Reliability Management (VO)
330.190 Managing People and Organizations (VU)
311.122 Manufacturing Systems (SE)
311.998 Manufacturing Systems (SE)
303.182 Maschinendynamik (VO)
308.129 Materials Characterisation and Nondestructive Testing (VU)
308.870 Materials Diagnostics (VU)
308.094 Materials for Mechanical Engineering (SE)
307.429 Materials Handling and Transport Technology (VO)
307.430 Materials Handling and Transport Technology Construction Exercise (UE)
308.866 Materials Processing (EX)
308.867 Materials Processing (SE)
308.863 Materials Science of Steels (VO)
308.118 Materials Selection (PA)
308.878 Materials Selection (VO)
308.128 Materials Testing (VU)
308.859 Materials Testing 2 (LU)
301.036 Mechanics 3 (VO)
325.105 Mechatronic Systems Lab (LU)
308.101 Metallische Hochtemperaturstoffe (VO)
307.450 Methodology of 3D-CAD Engineering (VU)
325.100 Modal analysis (VU)
311.137 Modelling and Simulation in Production Technology (VU)
302.022 Modelling and Simulation of Thermodynamic Processes (VO)
309.038 Modelling of the Human Locomotor System (VO)
317.545 Modelling with Finite Element Methods (VO)
302.053 Modern trends in thermal turbomachinery design (VO)
330.288 Montage II: Advanced Manufacturing (SE)
315.763 Motor Vehicle Noise Emissions (VO)
319.030 Multiphase Systems (VO) [5]
322.054 Multiphase Systems (UE)
315.756 New mobility, vehicle body and technology concepts (VO)
309.518 Nichtlineare Elastizitätstheorie (VO)
317.535 Nonlinear Finite Element Methods (VO)
317.537 Nonlinear Finite Element Methods (UE)
302.042 Numerical Methods for Fluid Mechanics (VO)
317.556 Numerical Methods in Engineering 1 (VU)
322.083 Numerical Methods in Engineering 2 (VU)
302.044 Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics (UE)
317.546 Numerical Methods in Lightweight Design (VU)
317.548 Numerical Methods in Lightweight Design (LU)
302.074 Numerical Process Simulation of Thermal Power Plants (VU)
302.666 Oil hydraulics (VO)
302.083 Operation of Gas and Steam Turbines (VO)
317.511 Optimum Structural Design (VO)
330.191 Organization Theory (VU)
308.117 Plastics Processing (VO)
311.089 PLC: Programming and Industrial Communication (VO)
302.061 Pollution control at thermal power systems (VU)
308.107 Polymers for Special Applications (VO)
317.538 Practice-Oriented Use of Finite Element Methods (VU)
311.125 Precision Maching with Lasers (VO)
301.061 Presentation of methods in mechanics (UE)
301.062 Presentation of methods in mechanics (SE)
329.023 Pressure Equipment - Modell and Admissiblity Analysis (VU)
307.468 Pressure Vessel Technology - Design Work (UE)
329.024 Pressure Vessel Technology (VO)
307.439 Product Development, Innovation and ECO-Design (VO)
330.308 Production Information Management Systems (VU)
311.140 Production Metrology - Seminar (SE)
311.138 Production Metrology / Geometrical Product Specifications and Verification - GPS (VO)
311.139 Production Metrology (LU)
311.078 Production Planning and Control Systems (VO)
307.490 Product Lifecycle Management (VO)
307.491 Product Lifecycle Management (UE)
330.198 Product Management (VO)
311.564 Programmieren von NC Maschinen (UE)
105.679 Programming with MATLAB (VU)
330.214 Project and Enterprise Financing (VU)
330.181 Project and Process Management (VU)
302.706 Project Work (PR)
315.744 Project Work (PR)
311.144 Project Work Automation in Production Facilities (PR)
311.147 Project Work Computer Integrated Manufacturing (PR)
325.108 Project Work Control (PR)
317.512 Project Work Design Project Light Weight Structures and Finite Element Methods (PR)
307.463 Project Work Eco-Design/Sustainable Product Development (PR)
325.048 Project Work Engineering dynamics (PR)
330.246 Project Work Financial Management and Controlling (PR)
322.069 Project Work Fluid Mechanics (PR)
307.479 Project Work Formula Student (PR)
315.049 Project Work in Environmental Impacts of Automotive Engines (PA)
325.061 Project Work in Vehicle System Dynamics or Biomechanics (PR)
330.233 Project Work Labor Science and Organization (PR)
311.131 Project Work Laser material processing (PR)
311.149 Project Work Manufacturing Systems (PR)
308.874 Project Work Materials (PR)
325.079 Project Work Measurement and Actuator Technology (PR)
307.486 Project Work Pressure Vessel Design (PR)
330.182 Project Work Production and Logistics Management (PR)
311.143 Project Work Production Metrology (PR)
307.467 Project Work Rehabilitation Technology (PR)
307.502 Project Work Student Aerospace (PR)
307.464 Project Work Technical Logistics (PR)
302.701 Project Work Thermal Engineering Design (PR)
317.525 Project Work Tissue Biomechanics (PR)
307.498 Project Work Transmissions for Aviation (PR)
307.497 Project Work Triology (PR)
307.420 Project Work Virtual Product Development (PR)
330.179 PROST (UE)
307.466 Prosthesis (VO)
330.306 Quality Management (VU)
307.441 Rail Vehicle Design (VO)
307.442 Rail Vehicle Design (SE)
307.443 Rail Vehicle Design (UE)
307.444 Rail Vehicle Design (LU)
307.445 Rail Vehicle Design (UE)
302.723 Refrigeration (VO)
306.006 Rehabilitationstechnik Seminar (SE)
306.005 rehabilitation technology laboratory course (LU)
307.487 Rehabiltation Technology Rehabilitation Engineering (VO)
315.436 Rennmotoren und Rennfahrzeuge (VO)
330.316 Research Seminar Organization (SE)
330.228 Risk-based Performance Management (VU)
330.218 Risk Management (SE)
330.238 Risk Model Management (VU)
311.305 Roboter: Berechnung und Simulation (VO)
311.186 Robotics in Manufacturing (VO)
307.436 Ropeway Systems (VO)
325.042 Rotordynamics (VO)
325.043 Rotordynamics (UE)
317.029 Sandwich Structures (VO)
302.700 Selected Aspects of Energy Systems Selected Aspects of Energy Systems (SE)
330.318 Seminararbeit Smart Production Systems (SE)
328.284 Seminar Automatic control (SE)
325.046 Seminar engineering dynamics (SE)
317.007 Seminar for Doctoral Students (SE)
307.471 Seminar for Master and PhD students (SE)
311.181 Seminar for Master and PhD students (SE)
322.073 Seminar for Master and PhD students (SE)
330.247 Seminar for Master and PhD students (SE)
325.090 Seminar Mechatronic Systems (SE)
322.060 Seminar of Biofluidmechanics Seminar on Fluid Mechanics (SE)
307.513 Seminar on Aircraft Design (SE)
322.059 Seminar on Turbulence (SE)
308.114 Service Strength (SE)
307.446 Simulation of Transport Systems (VO)
307.447 Simulation of Transport Systems (UE)
325.057 Special Problems of Vehicle Dynamics (VO)
307.456 Specific Machine Design (VO)
307.457 Specific Machine Design (UE)
307.500 Specific Machine Design (UE)
309.041 Spezielle Probleme der Mehrkörpersystemdynamik (VO)
317.551 Stability problems of elastostatics (VU)
309.023 Stabilitätsprobleme bewegter Systeme (VO)
325.019 State space control of MIMO systems (VU)
307.435 Steel Structures (VO)
330.130 Strategic Management (VU)
330.297 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (VU)
330.206 Strategies in Automotive Industry (VO)
325.064 Strength of Materials (VU)
330.176 Supply Chain Management (VO)
308.875 Surface Technology (VO)
308.892 Surface Technology (LU)
315.751 Systems and components of electromobility (VO)
330.271 Teambuilding and Leadership (VU)
307.425 Technical Logistics (VO)
307.465 Technical Restoration of Body Functions by Means of FES (VU)
330.287 Technology, Work and Organization (VU)
311.110 Testing of Production Equipment (LU)
311.121 Testing of Production Equipment (VO)
302.033 Thermal Engineering, laboratory exercise (LU)
302.688 Thermal Engineering (SE)
302.687 Thermal Equipment 1 (UE)
302.672 Thermal Turbomachines (VO)
302.684 Thermal Turbomachines (UE)
302.686 Thermal Turbomachines (SE)
302.694 Thermal Turbomachines (LU)
302.034 Thermodynamics in power engineering (VO)
302.048 Thermodynamics in power engineering (UE)
302.691 Thermodynamics of Advanced and Alternative Energy Conversion Methods (VU)
317.523 Tissue Biomechanics Tutorial (UE)
307.473 Transmissions - Selected Topics (VO)
307.474 Transmissions - Selected Topics (UE)
307.459 Transmissions for Aviation (VO)
307.460 Transmissions for Aviation (LU)
307.462 Transmissions for Aviation (UE)
307.483 Tribology of Machine Elements (VO)
322.058 Turbulent flows (VO)
315.731 under construction (VO)
315.734 under construction (VO)
309.005 Unfallbiomechanik (VO)
015.664 Unternehmensgründung (VO)
325.047 Vehicle Dynamics Seminar (SE)
325.058 Vehicle System Dynamics (VO)
307.414 Virtual Product Development (VO)
307.422 Virtual Product Development (UE)
307.476 VO Rotorcraft Design and the influence on the gear box design (VO)
303.336 Zustandsüberwachung von Maschinen (VO)