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057.004 Academic Advisory for Students of Japanese Partner Universities (SE)
057.008 Academic Advisory for Students of Japanese Partner Universities (SE)
060.021 Accompanying seminar for mentors of the TUW mentoring program - summerterm (SE)
015.728 Accompanying seminar for mentors of the TUW mentoring program (SE)
060.026 Accompanying seminar for mentors of the TUW mentoring program (SE)
325.037 Advanced Business Management and Culture (VO)
307.504 Aircraft Design I (VU)
307.511 Aircraft Design II (VU)
307.516 Aircraft Systems Technology (VU)
280.A06 Applied Environmental Psychology (VU)
317.004 Applied Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics of Ships (VO)
330.273 Assistance Systems in Manufacturing 2 (VU)
128.028 Astronomy - an Overview (VU)
128.029 Astronomy - an Overview (VU)
120.048 Astronomy (UE)
259.345 Barrierfree Buildings (VU)
259.346 Barrierfree Buildings (UE)
260.142 Basic Skills dealing with organizations (VU)
123.630 Berufs-u.Standesprobleme d.Verm.Ing. (VO)
164.220 Biochip Technologies in (Bio)Analytical Chemistry (VO)
166.221 Bioinformatics for Biomedical Engineers (VO)
142.081 Biological and Medical Applications of Nuclear Physics I (VO)
308.119 Biomaterials (VO)
164.235 Biomedical Mass Spectrometry (VU)
207.011 Building for people (VO)
251.843 Building for people :: historic.smart (VO)
251.852 Building for people :: Mosques in transition (VO)
166.719 Carbon Capture & Utilization - Innovations and Trends (SE)
330.140 Career Planning and Self-Management (SE)
330.310 Change Management (VU)
163.171 Chemistry and Society (VO)
330.304 Circular Economy Management (VU)
330.296 Cobot Studio @Pilotfabrik Industrie 4.0 (VU)
061.006 Collaboration and Co-Creation (VU)
015.148 Communicating Science (VU)
181.200 Communication and rhetoric (SE)
184.004 Communication techniques (SE)
202.064 Computational Biomaterials and Biomechanics (VU)
363.002 Computational Methods in Neural Engineering (VU)
141.A37 Computerassisted Imaging Concepts (VO)
105.670 Consultations for PhD students (PV)
265.076 Contract and liability law (VU)
060.027 Creative and Sustainable Product, Service and Process Engineering (VU)
015.100 Creativity Engineering (VO)
315.054 Criteria of future automobiles I (VO)
315.055 Criteria of future automobiles II (VO)
060.003 Das TU Talente - Programm (VU)
060.004 Das TU Talente - Programm für Studierende in Master- und Doktoratsstudien (VU)
060.019 Deep Dives: Management and leadership for technicians (VU)
307.480 Design competition (SE)
259.344 Design for All (VO)
187.250 Devepoling a career - coping with obstacles (VO)
330.317 Digital Simulation of Ergonomics and Robotics (DSER) (VU)
060.023 Diversity Skills (English) (UE)
060.022 Diversity Skills (German) (UE)
136.068 DK-lecture BIOINTERFACE (VO)
301.018 Dynamics and Control of space vehicles (VO)
330.255 E&I Garage - Business Model Development (VU)
166.127 Ecological and Social Aspects in Chemistry (VO)
164.225 Ecology and Sustainable Development (VO) [12]
164.324 Electrical Engineering Revision Course for Computer Engineers (RE) [17]
315.753 Engine and Vehicle Control Systems (VO)
058.003 Engines of Innovation in Research Unlocking the innovative potential of research for PhD students (VU)
015.110 Entrepreneurship for innovative corporations and high-tech start-ups (VO)
056.004 Ethics and Responsibility; Introduction to responsible research practice (SE)
164.287 European Union - Institutions, Policies and Future Challenges (VO) [6]
330.309 Experience Leadership (Off-Site) (VU)
265.727 Expert law (VO)
330.305 Factory Planning and Operating (VU)
034.018 FemChem – gender-sensitive collaboration and project management (SE)
034.016 Feminist technology studies (VU)
280.589 Focus: Spatial Law - Foundations of Good Scientific Practice (VO)
060.015 Foundations of scientific work (VU)
206.192 Fracture Mechanics in Civil Engineering (VO)
015.011 French for engineers I (VO)
015.012 French for engineers II (VO)
058.004 From Innovation to Product: Business Modelling for Scientists and Engineers (VU)
315.754 Fuel cell (LU)
311.066 Fundamentals of approppriate technology (VO)
311.067 Fundamentals of approppriate technology (UE)
015.118 Further Education and Lifelong Learning (VU)
315.032 Future development of gasoline engines (VO)
322.081 Gasdynamics and Aerodynamics II (VU)
206.072 Gas metal arc welding (LU)
034.009 Gender- und Diversitätskompetenz (SE)
352.031 Getting agreement in negotiations (SE)
330.300 Graduate Seminar Leadership & Strategy (SE)
260.138 Group Dynamics (SE)
314.018 Gruppendynamisches Seminar (SE)
101.748 Harmonisation Cours Mathematics (VU)
101.744 Harmonisation Cours Mathematics for INF and WINF (VU)
101.749 Harmonisation Cours Mathematics for RP (VU)
317.207 Helicopters (VO)
015.725 How to Illustrate Engineering by Means of Audiovisual Media (VU)
376.075 How to Invent a Robot - Product Development from the User Perspective (VU)
315.752 Hydrogen and fuel cells (VO)
060.016 Impact of technological development - Introduction to the theory and practice of technology assessment (TA) (VO)
330.307 Industrial Engineering (VU)
360.012 Industrial property rights for technicians (VO)
325.035 Industrial Realtime Control Systems and Information Technology (VO)
253.179 INEX Sustainability Challenge (VO)
330.250 Innovation Lab (VU)
330.260 Inspirational Leadership in the 21st century (VU)
199.106 Interdisplinary Project on Technology and Society (PR)
057.007 International Student Seminar (SE)
057.009 International Student Seminar (SE)
260.790 Introduction to Academic and Scientific Writing Publication (VU)
034.015 Introduction to diversity management (VU)
060.008 Introduction to management and leadership for technicians (VU)
251.865 Introduction to scientific work (SE)
015.576 Italian for engineers I (VO)
015.642 Italian for engineers II (VO)
192.055 IT Projects for Youth (PR)
192.058 IT Projects for Youth (UE)
311.718 Koordinatenmessmasch.-Grundl.u.Anwendg. (LU)
134.154 Laser in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine (VO)
330.313 Leadership, Strategy & Change Management (VO)
330.298 Leadership: Leading Yourself (VU)
188.383 Leadership Competency Coaching 1 (SE)
188.472 Leadership Competency Coaching 2 (SE)
015.087 Learning Support and e-Tutoring (SE)
134.234 Lecture Series Advanced Materials Modeling (RV)
138.117 Lecture Series Solids4Fun 2/6 (RV)
120.095 Lectures for Future II (VO)
330.144 Management and Leadership (VU)
034.011 Masculinities and Technologies: Relations, Ambivalences, Implications (VO)
330.299 Master Thesis Seminar (SE)
101.769 Mathematical Methods of Modelling and Simulation (BME) (UE)
101.639 Mathematics 1 for Electrical Engineers (RE)
101.922 Mathematics 2 for ET (RE)
101.818 Mathematics 3 for Electrical Engineers (RE)
101.835 Mathematik I für Geodäten (RE)
101.945 Mathematik I für Geodäten (RE)
325.080 Mechanics of "Functionally Graded Materials" (VO)
242.026 Mediativ competence in Civil Engineering Practice 1 (SE)
141.225 Medical Physics of diagnostic imaging (VO)
242.011 Membrane:Construction (SE) [1]
060.017 Mentoring - Mathematics (FaMe) (SE)
206.174 Metallic materials 1 (VO)
206.175 Metallic materials 1 (LU)
206.318 Metallic Materials 2 (VO)
206.091 Metallic Materials With Excursion (SE)
362.118 Microelectronic Concepts for Biomedical Interfacing (VU)
134.996 Microscopy on Biomolecules (VO)
134.997 Microscopy on Biomolecules (PR)
309.038 Modelling of the Human Locomotor System (VO)
057.019 Modern diffraction methods for residual stress and structure analysis (VU)
134.210 Molecular Biophysics (UE)
234.139 Multidisciplinary Planning (UE)
101.186 Nervenmodelle (VO)
315.756 New mobility, vehicle body and technology concepts (VO)
302.044 Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics (UE)
330.136 Organisational Lab (UE)
206.272 Pipeline Engineering (VO)
384.107 Planning of IT Projects and Public Procurement Law (VO)
104.218 preparatory course for the Ergaenzungspruefung/DG exam (VU)
112.026 preparatory course for the Ergaenzungspruefung/DG exam (VO)
015.111 Presentations and Technical Writing - advanced 1 (VU)
015.112 Presentations and Technical Writing - advanced 2 (VU)
242.016 Presentations I (for Civil Engineers) (SE)
242.017 Presentations II (for Civil Engineers) (SE)
265.003 private law (VO)
134.199 Privatissimum for Doctor's Thesis (PV)
325.094 Privatissimum for PhD-Students (PV)
330.308 Production Information Management Systems (VU)
105.679 Programming with MATLAB (VU)
134.998 Project Work on Biophysics (PA)
134.226 Prvattissimum for Dortor's Thesis (PV)
362.166 Prvattissimum for Dortor's Thesis Privatissimum for Ph.D. students (doctoral students) (PV)
311.026 Quality Management - Seminar and Industrial applications (SE)
330.306 Quality Management (VU)
206.265 Quality Management 1 (SE)
194.128 Quanten Computing 1 (VO)
194.137 Quanten Computing 2 (VU)
194.132 Quantum Computing 1 (UE)
259.646 Recent Research in the field of Ecology (VO)
265.045 Rechtsfragen des Umweltschutzes (VO)
101.689 Regelungsmath.Modelle in der Medizin (SV)
136.009 Relativity for the non-specialist (VO)
102.437 Repetitorium Math.i.f. MB, BI, GEOD. (RE)
102.448 Repetitorium Math.II f. MB, BI, GEOD. (RE)
120.086 Research Seminar for Doctoral Students (PV)
056.006 Research Skills for ENROL PhD Fellows (AE)
060.009 Resource management and resilience (VU)
061.004 Responsible Robotics 1 Reflection (UE)
352.490 Rhetoric, expression and argumentation (SE)
253.118 Ringvorlesung Ökologie (VO)
330.311 Robot Challenge (VU)
015.068 Russian for engineers II (VO)
015.067 Russian für engineers I (VO)
034.013 Science-Technology-Society (STS) (VO)
034.014 Science-Technology-Society (STS) (UE)
259.446 Science and the quest for knowledge (SE)
040.007 Scientific Work: Data Visualisation in Virtual and Augmented Reality (SE)
040.003 Scientific Work: Literature Research, Citations, and Academic Writing (SE)
040.004 Scientific work: Publishing and Dissemination (VU)
061.001 Searching prior art based on patent applications (VU)
061.007 Self-Coaching (VU)
366.057 Sensors and Microsystem Technology for BME (VO) [1]
206.073 Shielded metal arc welding (LU)
302.718 Smart Industrial Concept (VO)
330.139 Social Skills (SE)
181.208 Softskills for technicians (VU)
015.035 Spanish for engineers I (VO)
015.036 Spanish for engineers II (VO)
141.599 Str.Phys.u.Ges.Aspekte d.Strahlenschutz. (VO) [4]
330.297 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (VU)
325.104 Structural Plasticity (VO)
015.721 Studieren mit Behinderung - Eine Einführung (UE)
034.021 Sustainability & Diversity in Research and Development (SE)
253.C01 Sustainability Challenge Continuation in the summer semester (VO)
330.312 Sustainable value systems (VO)
057.028 Syntax-based Japanese I (VO)
057.030 Syntax-based Japanese I (UE)
057.029 Syntax-based Japanese II (VO)
057.031 Syntax-based Japanese II (UE)
315.751 Systems and components of electromobility (VO)
015.098 Technical Chinese III (VO)
015.099 Technical Chinese IV (VO)
015.115 Technical English Communication (VU)
015.113 Technical English Presentation (VU)
015.088 Technical German (SE)
034.003 Technik und Gender, Grundlagenvorlesung für IngenieurwissenschafterInnen (VO)
330.287 Technology, Work and Organization (VU)
034.012 Technology and Ethics (VU)
015.082 Technology exploitation (VO)
061.003 Technology for People (VU)
194.082 Technology for People 2040 (VU)
330.302 Transferable Skill - Account Management (UE)
330.301 Transferable Skill - Multidisciplinary Communication in Engineering Projects (UE)
056.005 Transferable Skills for ENROL PhD Fellows (AG)
226.023 Transfer of Enviornmental Technology to Developing Countries (SE)
322.072 Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems (UE)
330.283 Trust in Robots (SE)
060.025 TU.impact – the buddy program of the TU Wien (SE)
061.002 TU Wien alumni club excursion (EX)
134.157 Ultrasound in Nature, Engineering and Medicine (VU)
011.001 Verständliche Wissenschaft - Lehren in der Kinderuni (VO)
060.024 voice.of.diversity - fair job opportunities without prejudice (UE)
057.020 VSC-School I Courses in High Performance Computing (VU)
057.021 VSC-School II Courses in High Performace Computing (VU)
034.004 Was hat Gender mit dem Technikstudium zu tun? (SE)
206.178 Welding and joining technology (KU)
206.273 Welding and Joining Technology 1 (VO)
206.274 Welding and Joining Technology 2 (VO)
206.317 Welding Applications (SE)
206.177 Welding technology (LU)
206.092 Welding Technology With Excursion (SE)
303.336 Zustandsüberwachung von Maschinen (VO)