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Urban and Regional Planning (2023S)

Courses (including empty):

1. Semester (9)

259.607 Computer Aided Design (VU)
120.106 Geodetic and Cartographic Fundaments for Spatial Planing (VU)
280.777 History of the City (VO)
280.771 Introduction to Regional Science (VO)
280.770 Introduction to Scientific Work (VU)
280.776 Introduction to Transport Planning (VO)
280.775 Introduction to Urban Planning (VO)
280.768 Orientation Week (VU)
280.769 Planning Studio (PR)

2. Semester (9)

120.107 Applied Cartography and GIS (VU)
280.917 Computer Assisted Data Analysis (VU)
280.772 Introduction to Sociology (VO)
280.795 Legal Foundations of Planning (VO)
280.781 Mathematics and Statistics for Spatial Planning (VO)
280.927 Mobility Planning (VU)
260.660 Rudiments of Spacial Planning in Natural Environment (VO)
280.786 Typologies of Urban and Spatial Structures (VO)
280.787 Urban Space Analysis and Design Techniques (VU)

3. Semester (7)

280.782 Databases and Information Management (VU)
280.773 Economic foundations of Planning (VO)
280.779 Fundamentals of Regional Planning (VO)
280.796 Land Law and Planning Law (VO)
260.661 Landscape- and Environmental Planning (VO)
280.780 Spatial Analysis with GIS (VU)
280.788 Spatial Design and Urban Development (PR)

4. Semester (13)

280.792 Communication and Participation (VU)
280.791 Infrastructure and Energy Planning (VO)
280.797 Land-Use Planning and Building Regulations (VU)
280.789 Local Development Planning (VO)
280.783 Methods of Empirical Social Research (VU)
280.784 Methods of Regional Analysis (VU)
280.774 Public Finance and Infrastructure Economics (VO)
280.790 Regional Planning Practise (VU)
280.793 Spatial Development Planning General Registration (SE)
280.971 Spatial Development Planning | Dillinger/Svanda (SE)
280.978 Spatial Development Planning | Haas/Tschirk/Voigt (SE)
280.979 Spatial Development Planning | Witthöft/Pfanner (SE)
280.798 Theory of Urban and Regional Development (VO)

5. Semester (6)

280.800 Cohesion Policy of the EU (VO)
280.916 Gesamtanmeldung Projekt 2 (PR)
280.799 Planning theory and ethics (VU)
280.934 Spatial Developement Planning Triester Straße (PR)
280.924 Spatial development planning - Rethink Mattersburg (PR)
280.794 Spatial development planning (PR)

6. Semester (9)

280.A25 Bachelor Seminar (SE)
280.965 Bachelor Thesis - Climate change and regional planning (SE)
280.A02 Bachelor Thesis - Traffic Mobility Transport Logistics (SE)
280.802 Bachelor Thesis (SE)
280.999 bachelor thesis (SE)
280.967 Bachelor Thesis General Registration (SE)
280.982 Bachelorthesis Research Unit Sociology (SE)
280.639 Bachelor Thesis Seminar - urban commercial transport (SE)
280.928 Spatial Development Politics (VO)

7. Semester (5)

280.920 Integreated Development Planning (VU)
280.832 Methodology and Process Design (VO)
280.837 Planning Law (VU)
280.833 Research and Planning Design (UE)
280.841 Sociological Theories of City, Space and Planning (VO)

8. Semester (6)

280.834 Assessment and Evaluation methods in Spatial Planning (VO)
280.605 Field Trips in Public Space – Städte am Rand (Pflichtmodul 4) (PR)
280.838 Land Policies (VO)
280.964 Master Project - Land Policy (PR)
280.A15 Master Project Spatial Planning Cultural Collisions (PR)
280.A48 Master Project Spatial Planning Neighbourhood-based Mobility (PR)

9. Semester (4)

280.835 Qualitative Methods in Spatial Research and Planning (VU)
280.836 Quantitative Methods in Spatial Research and Planning (VU)
280.839 Strategies for Sustainable and Resilient Spatial Development (SE)
280.981 Strategies of sustainable and resilient spatial development (SE)

10. Semester (7)

280.946 - Transportsystem Planning (SE)
280.922 Diploma Seminar (SE)
280.963 Diploma seminar land policy (SE)
280.923 Diploma Seminar Region (SE)
280.956 Diplomseminar Sociology (SE)
280.A66 Master Thesis Seminar Urban Studies (SE)
280.925 Seminar for Master Thesis Mobility and Transport (SE)

Without semester recommendation (124)

259.610 3D Visualization (VU)
259.643 Agentenbasierte räumliche Simulation und Visualisierung (VU)
280.914 Alternative Urbanism (PR)
280.A06 Applied Environmental Psychology (VU)
280.A20 Applied Geostatistics and Spatial Econometrics (VU)
280.A56 Art-based Spatial Research - (Exchange) Spaces - Neighborhoods. The flea market at Vienna's Naschmarkt (SE)
280.383 Basic Mathematics and Statistics for Spatial Planning (UE)
280.825 Basics of Urban Studies (VO)
280.944 Benefit-Cost Analysis (VO)
126.097 Cartographic Interfaces (VU)
280.A39 City and Landscape HARD AM LIMIT (EX)
280.980 City as educational space | RELATE! (VU)
260.716 City in Climate Change "Landscape Transformations XL" (SE)
280.828 Climate-oriented Planning – From tipping points to shifts in planning (PR)
280.827 Climate-oriented Planning – Discourse on the (climate) crisis in planning (VU)
280.A14 Climate Resilience in urban and regional Development – Understanding, Methods and Strategies (VO)
280.A64 Collaborative work within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (VU)
280.A26 Coming to terms with the climate emergency (VU)
280.972 Communication and Participation (VU)
280.911 Community Work (SE)
260.709 Design Studio Best of Bösen Beuge (BOBB) (UE)
260.779 Design Studio GOING DUTCH 010. Rotterdam – Productive Citx (UE)
280.A38 Design Studio HARD AM LIMIT (UE)
260.664 Design Studio SLUSH - Spatial Lab for Urban Nature, Society and Hydrology (UE)
260.774 Design Studio The railway-oriented city: Laaer Ostbahn (UE)
280.A17 Developing Perspectives – a Future Dialog in the Northern Waldviertel Region (VU)
280.994 Development Perspectives Urban Region Brno (EX)
280.996 dieRaum (PR)
280.A55 Diploma thesis seminar DD (SE)
280.A40 Discourse on Planning Practice HARD AM LIMIT (VU)
280.822 Economic and Environmental Law in Planning (VU)
280.966 Economic evaluation and assessment methods (SE)
280.901 Energy-related Spatial Planning (VO)
280.865 Environmental and Spatial Impact (VO)
280.935 Ethics of Planning (SE)
280.842 European Cities in a Global Context (VO)
280.A24 European Spatial Policies and Instruments (SE)
280.985 Evaluation as an Instrument for Spatial Planning (VU)
280.942 Evaluation of rail transport projects (VO)
280.948 Everyday Life, Difference and Intersectionality in Urban Studies (SE)
280.A11 Experiencing Japan – Part 1: Hospitality (EX)
265.727 Expert law (VO)
280.A54 Fieldwork and Research Ethics in Urban Studies (SE)
280.959 Focus spatial planning - Excursion Planning viewing and communicating space (EX)
280.957 Focus spatial planning - Vienna's urban development (SE)
280.A34 Fokus Raumplanung - Experiencing Japan - Part 2: Discovery (EX)
285.009 Fokus Raumplanung - Landpartie - Ränder verändern (UE)
280.A27 Fokus Raumplanung - Mental health & the City (SE)
280.A52 Fokus Raumplanung - Mobility Planning in Practice (EX)
280.A51 Fokus Raumplanung - Spatial Planning Ambassadors for Schools (SE)
280.A10 Fokus Raumplanung - Spatial Planning Positions on the Climate Crisis (SE)
280.A63 Fokus Raumplanung - Theory and Practice in Lower Austria: A Balancing Act or Perfect Complement? (SE)
280.A22 Fokus Raumplanung -Transdisciplinary Perspectives on New Social Housing (VO)
280.A36 Fokus Raumplanung – Energy Planning - Hands On (with field trip) (VU)
280.A35 Fokus Raumplanung – Renewable Resources in Space (VU)
280.A12 Gaining knowledge through conference attendance (SE)
280.988 Geo Data Management (VU)
280.A16 Hiking Perspectives (EX)
259.609 Image Manipulation (VU)
280.987 Integrated Mobility Research (VU)
280.A45 Interdisciplinary Urban Research - Methodologies and Methods (VO)
280.A59 International Planning: Biennale 2023 - The Laboratory of the Future (EX)
280.A60 Issues of spatial planning - dieRaum23 (PR)
280.A33 Landpolicy - Strategies and Measures (VU)
280.863 Land Policy (SE)
280.873 Landscape, Infrastructure and Settlement Development (VO)
280.868 Law of Administrative Procedure (VU)
280.900 Local Mobility and New Forms of Mobility (VO)
280.A62 Long-term integrated urban development planning in north-eastern Vienna (SE)
280.899 Mobility and Mobility Management (VO)
280.958 Mobility Solutions (UE)
257.036 Monument preservation and building renovation (UE)
280.A53 MOVE.Walks (VU)
126.091 Multimedia Cartography and GeoCommunication (VU)
120.120 Multimedia Kartographie Extension (SE)
280.990 Municipal Fiscal Effects of Spatial Planning Drafts (VU)
280.A08 Optimization of public transport (UE)
280.A41 Perspectives of the Foundational Economy (SE)
280.A42 Perspectives of the Foundational Economy (EX)
280.A58 PhD Seminar - Urban Development, Social Infrastructure and Social Inequality (SE)
280.332 PhD Seminar (SE)
280.A23 PhD Seminar (SE)
280.A32 PhD Seminar Academic Writing - Skills & Practice (SE)
280.891 Planning in rural and alpine areas - Viennese Alps (EX)
280.821 Planning Law (UE)
280.874 Planning Processes for Rural and Alpine Areas (VU)
280.912 Poverty, Precariousness and Socio-Spatial Inequality (SE)
280.826 Practice of Urbanistic Field Research (UE)
280.A43 Principles of project management (VU)
280.561 Privatissimum (PV)
280.A47 Privatissimum Doctoral Student Thesis Fenster "Urban Studies and Planning Theory" (PV)
280.950 Privatissimum Master/Doctoral Student Thesis Fenster "Urban Studies and Planning Theory" (PV)
280.A30 Privatissimum Master/Doctoral Student Thesis Fenster "Urban Studies and Planning Theory" (PV)
280.939 Procurement and Construction Contract Law (VO)
280.808 Public transport and freight transport logistics (VU)
260.701 Real Estate Development (UE)
260.702 Real Estate Development (VO)
280.853 Real Estate Economics (VO)
265.045 Rechtsfragen des Umweltschutzes (VO)
280.A28 Right to the City and Spatial Planning Focus: Age(ing) and Space (VU)
280.989 Spatial Analysis (VU)
280.929 Spatial Planning Support Systems and Simulation (VU)
120.119 Spatial Visualization (VU)
280.A19 Steering Urban Transformation Processes - Globalization and the Transformation of Urban Energy Infrastructure in India (VU)
280.843 Strategic Planning and City Marketing (VU)
280.875 Strategies for Rural and Alpine Areas (SE)
280.A49 Sustainable mobility through law (SE)
280.812 Sustainable Urban Development (SE)
280.813 Sustainable Urban Development (VU)
280.864 Territorial law - Digitization, law and spatial planning (SE)
260.739 Territorial Strategies (VU)
280.A29 Themen der Raumplanung - Langfristige Stadtentwicklung Wiens (SE)
126.094 Theoretical Cartography (VO)
280.909 Theories of Space in Social Sciences and Humanities (VO)
280.814 Tourism Analysis and Sustainable Planning of Tourism (VU)
280.815 Tourism and Planning (VU)
280.807 Traffic Safety and Environmental Impacts (VU)
280.844 Transformation Processes and Steering Approaches in Metropolitan Regions (SE)
280.579 Transportation (PV)
280.A65 Urban Future Global Conference 2023 - Stuttgart (#UF23) (EX)
280.910 Urban Research, Living Environment and Everyday Life (UE)
280.A61 Urban Sketching (UE)
127.045 Webmapping (VU)
280.A57 WHOSE CLIMATE? – Claiming*Spaces SummerSchool 2023 (PR)